It is one of the fastest growing cities and has turned into a haven for luxury lovers, especially shoppers.It promises anadventurous nightlife with hotels, bars and restaurants which are vivacious, taller, and more in your face than London or New York.

No prize for guessing, yes, I am talking about Dubai—the world’s most spectacular, glamorous, and urban destination, powered by a heady cocktail of petrodollars and commercial acumen. A testament to the ruling Sheikh’s determination, Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates, has witnessed stunning developments like the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, the Palm Islands, etc.
But, Dubai is not only aboutshopping malls and skyscrapers as there are various other off-the-beaten-track activities which can become the reason to visit this city. Let’s find out reasons other (shopping) to visit Dubai:

1. Try delectable cuisine: Have you ever thought of eating a camel? Don’t make that face as camel meat is a popular dish in Dubai. Many Emirati dishes come loaded with camel meat as one of the main ingredients. Go for a whole camel meat in which herbs and spices are stuffed, and then it is roasted for a richer and tender taste.

You can also try some international offerings from Healey’s Bar and Terrace, Mazina and Zuma. Head to Al Hadheera which offers guests a wide array of 8 restaurants, including traditional Arabic, Indian, Italian, and International cuisine. Even vegans can have a gala time at Bestro, a meat and dairy-free counter that serves delicious plant-based dishes.Then there is the wide array of food festivals which are organized throughout the year, and the stream of pop-up eateries which are there to satiate the taste buds of all food lovers.

2. Check out the amazing skyline: The skylines of Dubai stand out as one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring horizons throughout the globe. Filled with iconic landmarks, including the instantly recognizableBurz AL Arab, the wave- like Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the skyrocketing Jumeirah Emirates Towers, the city astounds people with its modern mosques and twisting towers. There is no such thing as a simple tower block in Dubai as every building is one of a kind. Even metro stations are stylishly designed!

3. Exciting desert safari: Those who want to soak in the adventure journey can go for dune surfing or desert safari, and the curious ones can go for camel riding. Those who don’t want to leave the air-conditioned comfort can go on a four-wheel drive safari.

4. Time for water sports at beaches: Dubai has a vast coastline, boasting white sand beaches and pristine clean water. With soaring temperatures and long sunshine hours, the beaches in Dubaiare always a good idea. Many coastal hotels have their private beaches where you can enjoy water sports as well. There are public beaches as well where you can enjoy the sea and the sand.

5. Visit the ‘man-made’ Palm Jumeirah: Yes, it is the island ‘created’ by ahuman! This spectacular island has connected the fast-paced city life with the aquamarine water of the Arabian Gulf. It looks like a stylish palm tree from the topand hosts many 5-star luxury hotels. You can sail around Palm Jumeirah on a yacht or a speedboat.

6. Go for crab fishing: Thinking about catching crabs for today’s dinner? Go and indulge in crab fishing. You can go with a local tour operator and join a night crab hunt in Umm Al Quwain. Start your journey on glass-bottom boats which will ferry you to natural mangroves filled with crabs.At mangroves, underwater lights dazzle the entire experience. Once you catch crabs, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of yourlabour at a barbeque buffet on the shore.

7. Go for camel safari: It’s amazing to enjoy the sight of a desert whilesitting on the back of a camel. Have a trip to thedesert on a camel convoy before spending the time at a traditional Bedouin desert camp. Here you can enjoy cultural activities like music, dance, henna, and can enjoy the authentic dinner under the stars.

8. Accentuate your beauty with gold: Dubai is worldwide known for its souks, especially the gold souks, which is known as one of the cheapest places to buy authentic gold jewellery. Usually, the price of gold here is lower than the international market price, so go for it!

9. Soak in glamour at luxury hotels: Abandon yourself to the luxury that Dubai’s hotels offer to its guests. Stay at none other than the ‘7-star’ (believed to be!) Burj AL Arab Hotel which spoils its guests with amenities like revolving beds, helicopter arrivals, private butler service, chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini, and a private beach, of course! I understand, your stay at the Burj AL Arab hotel comes with a hefty price tag, but where else can you get a chance to choose your pillow from 14 different types!

10. Go for skiing in thedesert: Did you ever imagine that you’d come in a desert for skiing? Yes, it is possible in the Ski Desert in Mall of the Emirates. Vested over 3,000 squaremetres, this snow park is a perfect place for afamily outing with snow caves and tube rides. The alpine cafe is perfect to sip hot chocolate in minus four degrees.

My one and only tip for your journey

Before starting your Dubai trip, buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy to keep your journey safe and secure. While you are planning to travel for fun, any unforeseen events, like lost passport, loss of baggage, personal accident, etc. can disrupt your entire journey. Believe me; these things can happen even with the most careful and responsible travellers! So instead of getting your mood spoiled during the most awesome trip of your life, buy travel insurance beforehand to take care of any nasty surprise. One call to the insurer will take care of all your worries so that you can concentrate more on what is more important— Enjoying the vacation!
It is one of the fastest growing cities and has turned into a haven for luxury lovers, especially shoppers.It promises anadventurous nightlife with hotels, bars and restaurants which are vivacious, taller, and more in your face than London or New York. No prize for guessing, yes, I am talking about...